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Type 2N "Ahead of Time"

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Type 2N "Ahead of Time"

Ressence launches the latest addition to its groundbreaking Type 2 collection, the Type 2N ‘Night Blue’, as part of Watches & Wonders 2021.

The success of the Type 2N with e-Crown technology relies on the harmonious integration of mechanical and electronic elements to ensure that at an instant’s touch, your watch will always be correctly set. Electronics may have been seen as incompatible with fine watchmaking since the Quartz Crisis, but Ressence shows that they can be used to augment the performance of your watch, while the timekeeping remains entirely mechanical. Thus the Type 2N combines the beauty and charm of traditional mechanical watchmaking with the reliability of modern technology, and provides a new vision for fine watchmaking in a digital age.

Ressence’s mission to improve the mechanical watch is unique in the industry, and the Type 2 is a perfect example of the brand’s determination to build products that question what a wristwatch can be in the 21st century.



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