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Intimate and personalised

New secret edition

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Intimate and personalised

New secret edition

Discover our new creation "Nuit Fantastique"

“Secret”, is an invitation to immortalize a precious moment in a poetic way with a personalised dial: a map of the sky with the stars from the day, time and place that are dear to you, thus making each watch a unique piece.

Through this secret creation, Trilobe will present its new creation "Nuit Fantastique" and guide you from its creation through its new way to tell time. 3 rings, 3 indicators, 1 new frame of reference. No more hands and preconceived notions. Innovation is put at the service of creation. A movement that liberates time. An urgent invitation to take your time.



A unique piece

What is your secret?

Carry a Secret

Time. Liberated.

Nuit Fantastique

Les Matinaux

X-Centric Calibre

The Case

Touch of daring spirit