In the Salon | 13 - 15 April

Timekeepers, a striking photo exhibition by Luc Debraine, former director of the Swiss Camera Museum in Vevey, will reveal watches and clocks frozen in time. All preserve a precious time: that of memory.

  • Photo exhibition « Timekeepers »

    A striking exhibition of photographs and texts, Timekeepers reveals clocks that keep precious time: the time of memory. They have been brought to a standstill by natural or man-made disasters. Some have been voluntarily stopped to mark a revolution, a liberation or a singular event. These timepieces are sometimes out of use, but their silence speaks volumes about an extraordinary destiny. They are kept in public places, museums or private homes. They bear witness to a determination not to forget.  

    Luc Debraine paints a portrait of these silent witnesses to history. He draws on his two-decade quest around the world to question the profound nature of time and photography. Taking a still image of a stopped clock is like suspending time twice. As Roland Barthes put it: a camera is a clock to be seen.